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Hi, my name is Todd, the founder of Medimo Glow. This is Brianna, my daughter, who contributed much.
As a redhead with fair and sensitive skin, I always had skin hassles when I would be outdoors. Especially in the sun or cold and dry weather. I couldn't find skincare products that supported my active lifestyle.
Either they were uncomfortable or simply didn't help my sensitive skin.
After my daughter Brianna start modeling, I saw her having challenges with products causing breakouts or not helping with her makeup. I began to ask others, and many shared these frustrations.
So I set out with the help of cosmetic formulators to see if we could create skincare that was both effective and comfortable. That would contribute to well-being and health. After more than three years of research, development, and dozens of formulations, our goal is a reality!
The philosophy of Medimo Glow is mindful wellness that includes how you treat and feel about yourself. Medimo was created from the phrase, 'meditate in motion.' A phrase that came to me as I was studying mindfulness and dance. Being active is a way of life. Whatever you choose to do. A path to make your life and those around you satisfying and vibrant. A life of well-being. Being in the moment without competition with others. Living your best healthy, happy life.